Pain Slut Wish, by nom

My Pain Slut wish by nom

Wanna know my pain slut New Year’s resolution? It’s the boring question that goes around this time of year, but my answer this time, this year, is far from that.

Lose weight, I’d say, as usual, as I’m a 12 and I’d love to be a model 8 again like in my university days. Unfortunately, I love to cook, and eat, and so it’s very difficult to achieve.

However, this time, I’m going to do it. Lose weight, I’d say aloud, but I’ll add silently in my mind, so I can become a slut. A never-say-no slut, the kind that doesn’t give a fuck about the looks of a man, the size of his wallet, his sense of humour – none of that matters, because all she wants is the dick. And why do I have to lose weight to do that? Simply because I want to look good while I slut around, because most men prefer the anorexic look these days and a pain slut is all about pleasing men.

pain slut

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Kinky Audio Story – Kelly’s Sin

Kinky Audio Story – Kelly’s Sin

Synopsis: Kelly goes to a Jazz club looking for sex, sin and companionship and got more than she wished for.

kelly sins sex audio story

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Text Excerpt:

The bar was crowded and smoky. The sound of the jazz band playing softly added to the ambiance of it. It was dim and quiet, with just a few older and very handsome men sitting at the bar. 

Kelly’s clit tingled, the delicate skin sending out sharp little buzzes of desire as she surveyed the scene. It was perfect, not too many guys, and not too few. Only a couple of women in sight. The perfect hunting ground for a night’s pleasure of sin.

Her heart hammered hard in her chest as she stepped up to the bar to see her reflection in the mirror behind it. Her blonde hair was down and loose, curling just a little around her shoulders. She had her smoky eye game down pat. Her lipstick was a bright splash of scarlet on her wide mouth. The dress, a cleverly draped thing of jade green, revealed both her toned shoulders and the deep curve and high thrust of her perky tits.

Perfect. She looked absolutely perfect she thought as the bartender gave her a long once over and then ambled over. “What can I get you, darling?”….

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