Historic BDSM Story – Runaway Slave

The Count was angry. He paced up and down the Great hall of his castle, shouting his orders to all the servants. “You can’t be looking hard enough” he yelled at one of the unfortunate menials, “She couldn’t possibly have gone far with those chains still around her wrists and ankles. Unless, of course, someone is helping her”. He looked around at a sea of terrified faces. Everyone shook their heads and protested that they had no idea of how their Master’s slave had managed to escape. The Count threw himself down into a large, high backed chair in front of the fire which was burning fiercely in the enormous, central fireplace. “I want her found and I want her found before sunset tomorrow” he growled, “Now get out and don’t come back without her.”

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Sex Humor – Have You Tried Loudly Blaring Animal Sex Sounds?

Sex Humor – Have You Tried Loudly Blaring Animal Sex Sounds?

There are very few things on which everybody agrees – or upon which even a majority of people agree, for that matter. We can’t even get everyone on board with the idea the earth is round, for fuck’s sake!

Sex is an area with even more disagreement than most other subjects, it’s safe to say. But there is one sexual truth that seems to be so widespread, so commonly felt, so global that you can almost call it “universal.”

No, it’s not general agreement on what the best sexual position is, or near unanimity in enjoying oral sex. And it’s certainly not a widely held agreement on sexual techniques, fantasies or desires.

What is this nearly universal sex-related opinion and what does it have to do with the advice sought by a teenage girl who recently wrote to an advice columnist who writes for  Psychology Today? Does Calico’s advice match that offered by the columnist? And were you fucking kidding me with that last question, or what? Find out in Calico’s new post, “Have You Tried Loudly Blaring Animal Sex Sounds?”

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– Calico Rudasill, Sssh.com Porn Movies For Women and Couples

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